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Current projects - Industry Feedback

S.O.L.O. TV Crime Drama 60" pilot script.

"You've found a new way into a crime show, what every Producer in the country is looking for! Added to which you can clearly write and write well... a winning combination!" - Catherine Oldfield, Tall Pictures. 

"Gripping and emotional. Joy is an iconic protagonist!"  - Claire Armspach, STV Drama Development. 

"Work of genuine excellence and originality!" - Peter Ansorge, NFTS/Ex-Head of Drama CH4.

"Joy is the heroine missing from our screens" - Emer Casey, Actress. WFTV Table Read.

FRANK (working title) TV Drama, 60" pilot script.

I loved this. Rich in place, time, and character - incredibly heart-warming, and a natural pace to the narrative that draws you in.  A wonderful hook of being based on a real-life event…” - Louise Say, Producer Shetland/Dracula

Keeping Mum - Sitcom 30" pilot script. Inspired by theatre plays Mrs Lees and Nothing Personal.

"Writer Linda Campbell should be rightly proud of this seminal piece!" - See ALL Theatre Reviews below.

Completed Projects 

Showreel and Short Films


'Mrs. Lees and her Ladies' and, sequel 'Nothing Personal!'

"Two bittersweet plays inspired by my late mother, Evelyn Johnstone who was never late in her life and ran the gauntlet of social care with one leg, tenacity, and a wicked sense of humour!" - Writer/Producer Linda Campbell.


Glowing Reviews!

"Too good a concept NOT to be shown more widely",  "Warm, well-written characters we can all identify with."  "Far too few roles showing older women as anything other than senile, a notion Mrs Lees knocks on its backside." "Writer Linda Campbell should be rightly proud of this seminal piece!' 

"This could only have been written by someone with a much loved, respected older relative."  





JANICE FORSYTH, CULTURE CLUB STUDIO Radio Interview (Clips at 1:12-1:19 & 1:23-1:32)


N.B. Linda no longer runs the monthly WCA! workshops but is available to host workshops tailored to your own creative needs, group size, and situation. Contact her directly to discuss further.

WCA! Write Camera Action!
What's it all about?

WCA! Write Camera Action! 
Radio Interview by BBC Scotland 2011

WCA! were Writer-led workshops uniting Writers with Directors, Actors, and Audiences in monthly script development workshops in Glasgow, and across Scotland. WCA! had in-house productions and profiled screenings for members in GMAC, CCA & Cineworld, Renfrew Street.

Linda Campbell founded and ran (Script Coordinator) the workshops with Tam Hetherton (Acting coordinator) and Stuart Cadenhead (Director Coordinator) & venue support from GMACFilm, the CCA (Centre Contemporary Arts) and Cineworld Cinema, Glasgow. 

WCA! Screening & Awards Night 2011

WCA! Screening & Awards Night 2012

WCA! Aye, fond memories...


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