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LINDA CAMPBELL | Screenwriter

SKP Creative Director

PASSIONATE about this precious gift that is my life, 

and all the drama therein... FURIOUS about those

who take personal choice out of any equation!

write original, female-led, character-driven stories

with a punch! I'm at my happiest when agonizing over every single word I write. When I'm not writing,

I'm at my happiest walking on a beach.

Any beach. Any weather. 

Preferably, the white, unspoiled sands of a

remote Scottish island on a rare sunny day 

More on IMDB and LinkedIn

Linda's Agent: Michael Eliot-Finch at Brennan Artists 



Stories inspired by truth and muddied by the lies

told to us, against us, by us, and to ourselves.

The ethos behind all of the stories written and developed by Linda along with a brave heart,

compelling characters, and challenging narratives!

My latest projects



Linda has received funding, training, and support

from Tall Pictures women 40+scheme,  

All3media, Screen Scotland, Screenskills, 


Women in Film and Television and GMACFilm.

She has completed courses at NFTS under the

tutelage of Peter Ansorge (EX Head of Drama, CH4

Writing the TV Pilot and, Writing the Series Bible.

Linda received a scholarship from SHED ( Bad Girls. Footballer's Wives) for her MATV Fiction Writing at Glasgow Caledonian University, in 2018.

Before this, she was selected for a Talent Lab,  

EIFF, in 2015, while earlier script work secured her a

place on prestigious screenwriting initiatives, 

Movie Makers, Opening Shot, and TAPS.


 Linda founded and ran writer-led workshops at WCA

(Write Camera Action!) with support from GMACFilm, where she also worked as a Youth Script mentor on

short film projects Aye Write, First Light, and Summer School as well as a Coordinator on The Actor's Studio

More about Moi on IMDB and/or LinkedIn

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