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Shuga Koated engages experienced Creative Teams on a project needs basis.


Creative Director, Shuga Koated.


Linda is a Writer and Award-winning short film Producer who founded Shuga Koated Productions to develop original content with the female narrative at its core. She is currently developing several projects for film and TV.


Recently Linda was the Script Mentor for GMACFilm Summer School and the GMACFilm/BFI Youth Academy 2019 on two short films, Playtime and The Plant. She had a shadowing opportunity in the Production Dept. of GUILT, a 4-part drama for the new BBC Scotland channel in 2019 and attended a 2-day Emmerdale Storylining workshop, 2018. Earlier the same year Linda was awarded the SHED scholarship (Footballer's Wives/Bad Girls/Waterloo Road) for her Masters in TV Fiction Writing at Glasgow Caledonian University

Prior to this Linda was selected as a Writer on the EIFF Talent Lab (Edinburgh International Film Festival), 2015, and was one of twelve Independent Producers chosen for Foot in the Door; an initiative to match independent Scottish talent with Industry, funded by GMACFilm, Skillset, and Creative Scotland, 2013.


Linda's name means Serpent of the Sea which may explain why she's at her happiest when beach-walking on the white sands of Scottish shores, where she aims one day to make a feature film.


See more of Linda's filmography and experience on the Projects page. Click on links for IMDB and LinkedIn 


We are keen to collaborate on your project and bring a Shuga Koated twist. 


Linda's varied writing and production experience across script development and filmmaking mean she is well practised in finding creative solutions to a wide array of challenges and will be thrilled to collaborate to bring your unique vision alive onscreen! 


Contact Linda directly to discuss your project's unique vision, ambition, location, budget, and all-important deadline.  ​No project too big | No project too small. 


Latest Projects

This project is on hold due to corona virus restrictions

Short Film - Sexual abuse - Mental Health


In development: 2020

Zone Out

Sharon's journey leads her into new territory

Short film - Epilepsy - Awareness - Mental Health

Remit: Raise awareness of epilepsy. The story was inspired by the personal experience of Scottish Artist Sharon Thomas. Writer: Linda Campbell Dir: Thomas Hetherton Producers: Linda Campbell, Karen O'Hare. Best Film International Epilepsy Day. 2019 

Click on LINK  for film

Projects FILM

Sewing Solutions

A novel way to mend a problem

Short film - period drama - domestic violence - male abuse - mental health Best Film at WOFFF 2015

Writer: Leila Frondigoun Director: Marc Beidul 

Producers: Linda Campbell, Neil Meffan

Click on LINK for trailer - Click on LINK for film

A Shot in the Dark

They all had a motive

Short film - period drama - murder mystery - patriarchy

Best Cinematography and Best Costume 48 hour film challenge 2012

Dir | Producer: Linda Campbell

Writers: Katie White, Cheryl Belcourt.

Click on LINK for trailer - Click on LINK for film

Dream On

If only Gemma could make the first move

Short film - a dark comedy - shyness - fantasy 2013

Writer | Dir | Producer: Linda Campbell. Virgin Media Short Film Comp.  Click on LINK for film

Mrs Lees and her Ladies 

Your home - their work!

60" Single Drama - bittersweet comedy. Inspired by a true story 2012 Writer | Producer: Linda Campbell Dir: Stuart Cadenhead,  Click on LINK for trailer

Your Number's Up 

It's all in the detail

Short film - fiction - comedy drama 2011

Writer: Andrew Niven Dir: Colin Ross Smith

Producers: Linda Campbell, Andy Cassels 

Best Script JOINT Winner WCA! 

BEST FILM New York Short Film Festival Click on LINK for trailer - Click on LINK for film

Cloud 9 

What does it take to earn your wings...

Short film - fiction - fantasy - comedy-drama 2011

Writer: Mark Loftus Dir: Charlie Francis

Producers: Linda Campbell, Andy Cassels

Best Script JOINT Winner WCA!

Click on LINK for trailer - Click on LINK for film.

Projects THEATRE


Mrs. Lees and her Ladies 


Up against age, authority & each other!

Nothing Personal

Your home - their work! 

Bittersweet Play based on fact. 2013

Writer | Producer Linda Campbell

Dir: Una McDade. Emily Lees is played by Liz McFarlane-Davies in both plays and the Independent film. 

Comedy Drama Play - Fiction 2014

Writer | Producer Linda Campbell

Dir: Martin Haddow. Emily Lees: Liz McFarlane-Davies. Click on LINK for  theatrical trailer

UPDATE on Mrs Lees...

The theatrical plays were developed into Sitcom spec script Keeping Mum with Exec Producer attachment, 2018. Mrs Lees lives to fight another day and updates will be posted on Social Media.

PRESS REVIEWS  Mrs Lees and her Ladies | Nothing Personal


"Too good a concept NOT to be shown more widely", 

"Warm, well-written characters we can all identify with."

"Far too few roles showing older women as anything other than senile, a notion Mrs Lees knocks on its backside."

"Writer Linda Campbell should be rightly proud of this seminal piece!' 

"This could only have been written by someone with a much loved, respected older relative."








http://www.mixcloud.com/garethkvile/nothing-personal/ (Clip about halfway in)



JANICE FORSYTH, CULTURE CLUB STUDIO Radio Interview (Clips at 1:12-1:19 & 1:23-1:32)

ARCHIVE workshops

WCA! Write Camera Action! 

WCA! were Writer-led workshops uniting Writers, Directors and Actors in monthly script development workshops in the heart of Glasgow, and with outreach across Scotland.

WCA! included Script Feedback, Networking, Resources, Competitions, Screening Nights, Short Film Production, Industry Guests, and WCA! Screening & Awards nights.

WCA! Write Camera Action! What's it all about?

WCA! Screening & Awards Night 2011

WCA! June 2007 - Jan 2013

Linda Campbell founded and managed the workshops with generous venue support from GMACFilm, the CCA (Centre of Contemporary Arts) and Cineworld Cinema, Glasgow. She thanks them and the local businesses and charities and many volunteers who assisted at and supported the many workshops, productions & events.

WCA! Write Camera Action! BBC Scotland 2011

WCA! Screening & Awards Night 2012

WCA! Aye, fond memories...

ARCHIVE Projects

Living without Mascara 



Female-driven sketches for grown-up girls (& boys)

Butt Out 


Inflamed by the smoking ban, best friends make a pact to keep smoking to the bitter end

Short sketches - Dark comedy - 2009

Writer | Producer: Linda Campbell.

Dir: Stuart Cadenhead, Gerry Hay. 

Short film - Dark comedy - 2007

Writer | Dir | Producer: Linda Campbell. 

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